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MellowHype - BankRolls

Man one day I'mma get there
I'mma be counting up all these bank rolls, nigga
(Right, damn, we gon' be getting all the dank dro, rollin' up)
Man, I'mma be fuck with a model bitch, no stank hoes
(For sure man, we gon' be countin' all the bank rolls)
All the bank rolls

Hodgy Beats, Left Brain
MellowHype, huh, Odd Future, huh

[Verse 1: Hodgy]
First one up, yup, good mornin'
I'm already out the door by the time you were yawnin'
Head start for the green mow lawnin'
Prolongin' in the game sing-a-longin'
Bounce if you like, come on bob your head
Obey every single word that Simon said
Blood Diamond flow, it's shinin' red
What's up with your hip hop? Mine is dead
Wolf Gang bred, cookin' bread
If they ain't associated, I don't shake they hand
Pretty-ass nigga with a girl from Japan
She don't speak any English but she understand
So in demand, I'm him the man
The music plants the cash in-hand
I can't be concentrated on what the press might hear
I buzz unless in the light then how did I arrive

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