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MellowHype - BARS

[Verse 1]
What is life I flip a coin, cops on my tail, girl on my head
This shit annoying
At least it ain't borin',atleast I live in California, where it ain't stormy
At least I ain't hungry or in pain unless I'm recordin'
I'm who they open the door for and tip the doorman, behind the door man this whore is foreign and trust is swarmin'
The sun is proud and warmer than burning houses with dorner
He was in a room on the computer watching pornas
Feds were pressing their sales like they had something on em'
A man against the world the world belongs to no woman
How some are leading by examples criticized by assumptions
I cut out her face and put fires inside the pumpkin
[Verse 2]
The idea of me is great, the result of me otherwise
Opposing losing options, I'd rather choose than decide
Get high and take a ride wake up on the other side
Mary Janes who I rely on when she text me I reply
Metallica royalty luck out on ACDC
Killing em' hardcore for what they say discreetly
Fucking with me is like diving in a pool with concrete feet
Hodgy dont have a mistress for the fact he mistreet beats
Who gave a fuck about us before we were the golf wang
In odd we trust
Nigga fuck wit the golf wang, a knots will bust
When the wolf on the bus howls the spots freed up
Attempt to make me again you can't bot me up
She be shaving my points like what a Mac 3 does
Blowin' Marijuana fast, lightin up the pre-dub
In the back of the truck three 15'' subs

Ain't no point in lying either way we're dying
Why not don't catch me flying over instruments
And hanging to this drawing
I'm down to hang out and take yo bitch hang-gliding
She hang on my dick since everything i say is rotten

[Verse 3]
You could be wrong but be about it, do ya Pilates
And she in a thong, and commonly she tryna surprise me
Leave me alone but when I call be sure that you got me
Lets call the shots from the house, I play the field you can't stop me
In the back when i make a couple mill i'm in shotty
Hodgy chasing them dolla bills you know the feel if you got it
Prolly skatin on rollin wheels and conditioning for the hotties
Im in the lead fighting for a Vince Lombardi, bitch a ring
I shot a sling local bodega
With these chicken say names and these niggas play sega
I see you testing beta tryna recover some data
I know you want what you peep neighbor, HATER!
You might also likeWe the coaches and the playas still these niggas try to play us
You can't approach us and invade us, little homie get your weight up
Hold up, wait up
My nigga turn the bass up
I drink more then an A-cup, and whatever the fucks in a cup
Good Day, I'm bout to roll a J and this is how I'ma stay today
Until the day my organs decay
Karmas a bitch I make her cum and scream my name
So I'm gettin this money then I'ma dip and break away
Rollin spliffs and then honey I need another cold drank, smoke dank
Don't run up on me with your finer swank
Got a goon that'll shoot blank point, but never shoot blanks
I'm a bastard for what I know, I'm from a sperm bank
And the Porsche was right around the corner like third base
Then we home she grab her purse where she carry her mace
Kiss me on my head, tell me outside's a cold place
Nigga I've been on my rap since eight, and I ain't gon stop till Hodgy one of the greats
No charities as my chariot awaits
Smoke till my voice is carryin the bass
Nigga, Mellowhype, let the work show

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