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Mazzy Star - Flowers In December

Before I let you down again,
I just want to see you in your eyes.
I wouldn't have taken everything out on you,
I only thought you could understand.

They say every man goes blind in his heart,
And they say everybody steals somebody's heart away.
And I got nothing more to say about it
Nothing more than you would me.

Send me your flowers of your december,
Send me your dreams of your candied wine.
I've got just one thing I can't give you...
Just one more thing of mine

They say every man goes blind in his heart
And they say everybody steals somebody's heart away
And I've been wondering why you let me down
And I've been taking it all for granted

The song deals with the complicated situation in which two people, although in love with each other, are so insecure about it that they pretend they do not care about the other person. She says she could have told him everything but wishes he had understood without her having to step into the vulnerability. In this stanza she vainly pretends that the other person is desperately in love with her – would send her flowers and dreams of candy wine. She enjoys behaving as if she cannot return his love because she is above him and does not care about him. Apparently somewhere in the future she thinks of love again and wonders why the other person did not try harder and let her down (compare the first line of the song in which she arrogantly proclaims that she will let him down). In the last line though she graciously accepts that she had been taking the whole situation for granted. - via elMelkani on Genius

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