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Mavi - NO FEAR

Ay, ay, okay okay, like
Ay, ay, okay okay, like
Ay, ay, alright it's cool like
Ay, ay, ay, ay

Ay, okay okay
I remember when my songs was what they wanted me to say, like
Ay, ay, okay okay
I remember having more bones than emotion in my face, like
Ay, look, alright it's love
I remember Oxycontin mixed with vodka in my blood, like
Ay, it's cool, I understand
I remember being too inadequate to be a man

Ay, it's cool, I had deduced
Niggas love to mention me when I ain't never introduced to 'em
Ay, look, quick interlude
Why do niggas not lock the doors when the pack is in their rooms
Why do niggas forget about my vernacular so soon
Gotta keep on they throats just to keep them focused but it's cool
Gotta keep it in motion to keep afloat if I'ma lose
It's gon' be on my own and so it's my onus to improve
Like, ay, nigga
You know it's Mav, Tiffany's make her throb throw it mirror the king lobs
In the Pyrenees peer at her living cheap
Pack yelling out the window 'fore you even hear the jeep
Only ever had one enemy was in her innards deep
I was in the back originally, they ain't remember me
Now I got some cats they stick to me and taking risks with me
Middle of the pack ain't get with me this ain't the little league
We was in the gym like every morning, earn this winning streak
We was in the gym like every morning we was shooting, we
Done gave them boys a talk, [?] way they move the blueprint
I was dreaming through the pain, now a vision getting lucid
Rocking knees I had arraigns on these women getting looser
We was dancing through the rain and we was praying for some fruit
Was parlaying with lil baby and she played me like a flute
I'ma keep on chasing grips until my chain can introduce
For laying language over loops, like

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