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Matt Champion - Fangs

[Verse 1]
She rolled up in the Beamer, couldn't have looked cleaner
Skin like coffee, colour with lil' creamer
Sin City since I been thinkin' all of these thoughts in my head, she'd probably shoot me dead
God-damn, she got the hoops on
Hair bunned up in two just like a nunchuck
Would I give a fuck? I need to mature myself up
But I fell in love right when she said
"I wanna count the freckles on your face"
"Rearrange 'em, put 'em in the same place"
I'm obsessed, I'm obsessed, I'm obsessed

Little fangs, oh, little fangs, oh
Little fangs, little fangs
Little fangs, little fangs, little fangs
Don't you take her fangs
Little fangs, little fangs

Now move it left right left
Gone take it back a couple steps
Hands on your hips all night
Hold my hand til it feels right
Beat that left right left
Gone take it back couple steps
Hands on your hips all night
Hold my hand till it feels right

“Fangs” is about the relationship between Champion and a woman. In this song, he is detailing how his relationship with her has evolved from a close friendship into a romantic and even sexual relationship. Throughout the song, there is the need for him to not only be close to this woman, but to also be with her in a sexual sense. At first, Champion is wanting to be in a relationship with her, but he is wary because of the connection that they have hasn’t reached to that level. Just as he has accepted that they’ll never be together, he is surprised when she comments on his appearance (with a sexual connotation). From there, their relationship evolves from a distant obsession to one that is a reality. The new couple can’t get enough of each other as they have sex on the sofa and around the house. As they are in the act of amours congress, they are dancing a possible reference to bachata. In fact, Matt is caught off guard by how intense she is with their lovemaking. In the end, sex isn’t the best part for Champion. It’s the fact that he was with her for a little moment in time. Champion wants to have something deeper with her, but she isn’t as open to it as he is. Obviously, he is frustrated with the distance that he feels from her. She only intended to use him for one night, but he wanted to fall in love.

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