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Marina - Girls

[Verse 1]
Look like a girl but I think like a guy
Not ladylike to behave like a slime
Easy to be sleazy when you've got a filthy mind
You stick to your yogurts, I'll stick to my apple pie

Girls are not meant to fight dirty
Never look a day past thirty
Not gonna bend over and curtsy for you

Is there any possibility
You'll quit gossiping about me
To hide your insecurities?
All you say is "blah, blah"
Girls, they never befriend me
'Cause I fall asleep when they speak
Of all the calories they eat
All they say is "na, na, na, na, na"
Na, na, na, na, na

[Verse 2]
Girls, oh, girls, wag your tails to the beat
Of Girls Aloud, oh, the journos in heat
Write such good stories, oh, their mothers must be proud
Making money off your insecurity and doubt

Girls is a song by Marina Diamandis, released under her previous stage name 'Marina and the Diamonds'. Appearing on her first studio album The Family Jewels, it is the 4th track on the album. The song was written by Marina, Liam Howe, and Pascal Gabriel, and produced by Howe and Gabriel. Marina has later spoken about this song in an interview, saying, "It's a call for women to stop being... enemies. These days you're either a nun or a whore, to be one or neither, all or none. I want to help redefine women's place in society." In 2011, Diamandis admitted that the song could be viewed as misogynistic, revealing that the song makes her cringe. After being accused of "unsisterly bitchiness" for making the song, she stated that "that obviously isn’t how I meant it," describing that it was as much about battling with record labels over image.

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