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Marina & the Diamonds - Seventeen

[Verse 1]
Used to be a major scale
But the melody went stale
Musical cacophony let
Insy winsy spider free
You're a rich little boy
Who's had to work for his toys
You've got all the sensibilities, oh
Of an upper class guy

No, no, I'm not your little slave
No, I don't twist and turn that way
Only got bad things to say
You're always asking what is up, up with me

Could never tell you what happened
The day I turned seventeen
The rise of a king and the fall of a queen, oh

[Verse 2]
Oh, you were embarrassed of me
'Cause I used my tongue freely
Bet you wish I couldn't speak, 'cause when I do
You know I tell you why you appear weak
You want a hassle-free life?
Go get your upper class wife
Oh, she's got all the personality, oh
Of a lemon that has been
Truly sucked dry

Marina & the Diamonds has a sound of "folktronica" the genre name is self explanatory. A ditzy dreamy clash of the reality of sound and color with pleasant folk/jazzy undertones.

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