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Manafest - Supernatural

This time, I will rise, do or die
This time, I'll re-ignite, stand and fight
This time, I will love people cause
It's a must from above, this time

I was broke, off the road up in smoke, all alone
Saw my pain know my name, made a way
I made a turn, hit the curb, I should a died
Someone came, came for me, I can see, now I'm free!!

Standing on a hope
Had nowhere to go
It's supernatural how you saved me

Lost without a prayer
When no one seemed to care
It's supernatural how you saved me

The supernatural, it's supernatural

This time I'll be light I will shine
This time I'll re-unite stop the lies
This time I will fall in your arms
Sing the psalms of 91 this time (this time)

I thought it was over
I thought I was done
Stuck in a shadow of what I've become

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