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Manafest - Bring the Ruckus

Verse I

I'm going out with a crash
Tear it up with my past
If you want it Bring the ruckus Turn it up a notch
You want to see me burn, but burning up your barns and vermin
I'm busting verses and rehearsing for your burial
I'm doing cartwheels and aerials
Get out my way before I bury you
Carry you, out of my face is the scenario
Telling you to come and bring the ruckus

You can try but you won't take me down
I'm standing on my ground
As all the fear inside me fades away

You can try to get a reaction
But you're no distraction to me
Bring the ruckus to me, bring the ruckus, bring the ruckus to me, Bring the Ruckus

Verse II
This ain't the first or the last
I'm pistol-whipping the track
If you want it, come and get it
You can't walk my path
I'm burning wholes in you, better run
When you gonna learn
Loaded weapons unloading on you
With every word
Shake you down into a misery, history
Know my enemy you're not a friend of me fade away
Forever my time, all stars shine
Telling you to come and BRING THE RUCKUS

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