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Machine Head - Davidian

Blind man ask me forgiveness
I won't deny myself
Disrespect you have given
Your suffering's my wealth
I feed off pain, force fed to love it
And now I swallow whole
I'll never live in the past
Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast

Burn my fist to the concrete
My fear is my strength
Power, rage unbound because
Been pounded by the streets
Cyanide blood burns down the skyline
Hatred is purity
The bullet connects at last
Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast

Pour the salt in the wound

Based on the Waco Siege and it's aftermath regarding the governments extreme actions and voluntary manslaughter. See also organized religion against government. “I wanna say Davidian came pretty late in the writing process. It was probably one of the last songs that we wrote for the record. We weren’t signed when we wrote it, and I remember the first time that we played it, we had a punk rock friend who was going straight and getting a real job, all that kinda stuff, so she wanted to have a big blowout party. It was at a warehouse in Oakland and it was summer time so it was really warm, and we played a parking lot that was the entry way to this warehouse, in the meat packing district of Oakland. There was us and couple of punk bands, and I remember I only had three lyrics at the time, and the chorus wasn’t ​‘Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast’, it was something really horrifically embarrassing. It was really bad!  “I remember playing this new song and we get to this chorus that was ​‘Get the fuck up to a bone breaking groove’. I remember saying it out loud and going, ​‘Oh my God, this fucking sucks! I have to change this!’ When we changed it, it came about pretty quick, and I didn’t want it to be about anything in particular, but it was inspired by the whole Branch Davidian thing, where there was 74 people murdered by DEA and there was a stand off for weeks. After the Vegas shooting, I said I didn’t want to play it again,and there’s thousands of people who think we never played Davidian again, but we played it every night of the Catharsis tour, except Vegas. After the Vegas thing happened, I woke up to this horrible news, and I was doing this YouTube live thing every Tuesday, so people were asking about it. But then it got turned into this gigantic news story, and all I was saying was it was fucking horrible and it made me never want to play that song again. Granted, the dude wasn’t using a shotgun, but it was just a crazy time, and I said that and I don’t regret saying it. But it was the most horrific mass shooting in the history of America, and it was a lot to take in.”

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