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Machine Head - A Nation On Fire

Well I see, I feel
On my way
You close your eyes, scared to think
You might see
A world that spends more to kill than to cure
Living, writhing, diseased, so unpure

It hardens me, the things I see
But I won't break, it gives me strength

Our suffering, won't always be
We'll dominate, this nation on fire

The media it
Blinds our eyes
A people divided
And force feds lies
The black and white societies corrode
Warring, hating, blind, a rage explodes

So take my hand across this land
I won't go down, stand my ground


This nation's built on fighting war after war
And for my brothers, I will fight and stand for
'Cause I won't break, Your truth is fake
If blood ran red, You's leave me for dead
A nation on fire
A nation on fire

You tell me peace, Well I hear gunshots all night
The scars I have, I've earned 'cause I've had to fight
An endless pain, and it won't change
We just sat by, and watched this world die
A nation on fire
A nation on fire

“Again, this was a big Logan Mader song. Logan wrote this really cool intro that was just weird and off time. It had a really clean guitar, but it was full of nothing but evil notes. Logan was a trippy cat, because both Adam and Logan, it was the first band they were ever in. They had never performed before, never jammed, and Logan had never written intros or played lead, so I just kinda threw shit at him and it warped into this really unique, strange style, I think because he was learning everything on the fly. So, he wrote this really cool intro, and that song, like Davidian, was a reflection of the American condition, and a reflection of a pretty gnarly neighbourhood that we were living in. We were at war and it was about racism. There’s a lyric in there, ​‘You tell me peace while I hear gunshots all night’, and I’d get woken up by people a block away firing guns in the air. It was a fucking crazy time. “The LA riots had just happened, after the Rodney King trial, and those riots happened everywhere; they happened all over Oakland and all over Berkeley, and I remember when I wrote the lyrics to that song I was living in Berkeley and I heard all this shit was going off. I had a mountain bike, I didn’t have a car at the time, and I remember riding my mountain bike up to Telegraph Avenue, because the news said people were rioting on Telegraph Avenue. Rather than do the smart thing like everybody else, which was to stay in the fucking house, I jumped on my mountain bike, like, ​‘I wanna go to the riot!’ I literally rode my mountain bike into this riot that was happening on Telegraph Avenue, because I wanted to feel alive and absorb this crazy moment it time. It was insane! There was people lighting cop cars on fire, and tear gas between protesters and police. I got chased by a gang of protesters and then went right into a gang of police, and they were chasing me. I’m literally pedaling for my life and people are taking swings at me. It was crazy. After that, all of those lyrics for A Nation On Fire just came pouring out.”

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