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Machine Gun Kelly - el diablo

[Intro: Machine Gun Kelly]
Ronny J, please turn me up

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Tell all my competition that I love 'em
But I brought 'em back just to kill 'em again
Tell all the listeners that I said, "Fuck 'em"
If they thought I'd never be breathing again
I keep some drink in the cup
In case anyone got some more beef, I can eat 'em again
I made a promise to beat their ass up
Like Adonis if I ever meet 'em again

[Pre-Chorus: Machine Gun Kelly]
Fuck your big bro, uh
We the ones that got it when the rent's low
I make it happen again, I'm back to rappin' again, 808 slappin' again
Light it and pass it again, know what I'm packin' again, I'm an assassin again

[Chorus: Machine Gun Kelly]
I shoot dice, yeah, gamble with my life, yeah
No invites, yeah, keep my circle tight, yeah
All my hoes, yeah, keep that sugar spice, yeah
For the bros, yeah, I do not think twice, yeah

[Verse 2: Machine Gun Kelly]
I got a combination to a safe in the back of the bank
That be storing my shit
Just had a conversation with a girl that I dated
Now she out here whoring and shit
I got a reputation to be going and showing up
4 in the morning and shit
I had an altercation down in Florida
I threw his face on the floor of the shit

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