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Machine Gun Kelly - Concert For Aliens


[Verse 1]
The headlines say the world is over
What ever happened to a fairy tale ending?
You can't pass if you don't know the code word
I'm inside a UFO crash landing
I'm in a room by the door
With a space invader
I know that I'm immature
But at least I'm not a goddamn failure

SOS (I'm callin')
SOS, I'm calling out
SOS (I'm fallin')
SOS, I'm falling now

I'm upside down, I'm upside down, I'm upside down
My life is a roller coaster, roller coaster
Get me off this roller coaster
(Get me off this roller coaster)

[Verse 2]
I heard you never graduated from high school
The food sucked and the kids were awful
I know you wanted me to go to law school
I dyed my hair, pierced my nostril
I know I've done this before
But it's a mind eraser
I'm waking up on the floor
I gotta get my life back later

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