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Mac Miller - Small Worlds

Yeah, yeah

The world is so small 'til it ain't, yeah
I'm buildin' up a wall 'til it break
She hate it when I call and it's late
I don't wanna keep you waitin'
I hope I never keep you waitin', yeah

[Verse 1]
I think I know it all but I don't
Why you always at the mall when you're broke? Yeah
And I just wanna ball
Maybe dunk but I never been tall, yeah
I might trip, I never fall
God knows I came close (Don't try this at home)
I know I probably need to do better
Fuck whoever, keep my shit together
You never told me bein' rich was so lonely
Nobody know me; oh, well
Hard to complain from this five-star hotel
I'm always in a rush, I've been thinkin' too much, but
Keep it on the hush, no one need to know, just us

That's really all it takes
We don't need nothin' but today (Day), today (Day)
Today (Day), today (Day)

“Small Worlds” was released on May 30th, 2018 along with “Buttons” and “Programs,” breaking his silence in the wake of his very public rupture with Ariana Grande and subsequently DUI crash and marking his first releases since his 2016 album The Divine Feminine. The song features a slow tempo and somber mood as Mac discusses his flaws, showing the listener he’s aware of the issues he’s caused following a highly problematic month.

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