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Mac Miller - 2009


I don't need to lie no more
Nowadays all I do is shine, take a breath and ease my mind, and
She don't cry no more
She tell me that I get her high 'cause an angel's s'posed to fly, and
I ain't askin' "Why?" no more
Oh, no, I take it if it's mine, I don't stay inside the lines
It ain't 2009 no more
Yeah, I know what's behind that door

[Verse 1]
Yeah, okay, you gotta jump in to swim
Well, the light was dim in this life of sin
Now every day I wake up and breathe
I don't have it all but that's all right with me
Take it nice and easy, took a flight to see me
Send you back home with a light that's beamin'
The whole team 'bout to figure it out
We ice cold, that's what winter about
And sometimes, sometimes I wish I took a simpler route
Instead of havin' demons that's as big as my house, mhmm
Have a ball with a dribble and bounce
'Cause the party ain't over 'til they're kickin' me out, yeah
Isn't it funny? We can make a lot of money
Buy a lot of things just to feel a lot of ugly
I was yea high and muddy
Lookin' for what was lookin' for me

Mac Miller’s song “2009” is a reflective journey of his life from the year before his breakout mixtape, K.I.D.S, was released to the present day. The track serves as an anthem for the journey of self-growth and wisdom that he has experienced throughout his life. Through the lyrics, he speaks to the listener about the lessons he’s learned and the wisdom he’s gained. The song is an inspiring look into his life and the struggles he has faced. It is an anthem for self-growth and understanding, and a reminder to never give up on the pursuit of knowledge. Through this song, Mac Miller shows us his resilience and courage to overcome any obstacle.

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