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Mabel - Fine Line

[Verse 1: Mabel]
We came in crawling this morning
Already getting ready to go (Ah)
And now I got you calling for me
'Cause there's a plan and you wanna know (Ah, oh)

[Pre-Chorus: Mabel]
I know how this thing goes (Goes)
I know the beat to your love (Your love)
I know how you like yours (Yours, ah, oh)
They say anything goes (Goes)
But I have the beat to your love (Your love)
Where are we gonna take it?

[Chorus: Mabel]
Now we’re dancing on a fine line
Somewhere between a minute and a lifetime
You do it to me, to me
I can't lie, I got a bit caught up tonight
But it's a fine line
You do it to me, to me
You do it to me, to me

[Verse 2: Mabel]
I got a warning for you
Don't play me at this, I never lose (Ah)
I'm all in, all in, so follow me with your every move (Ah, oh)

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