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MF DOOM - Lightworks

What is the magic that makes one's eyes
Sparkle and gleam, light up the skies?
The name of the game is lightworks
I see you're peein' in your pants little sissy boy

[Verse 1]
Jerks, welcome to the Octagon
Lay a player flat before the trainer felt his clock was on
Keep your socks torn, it's a box-a-thon
With hard rock Black, Rock & Ron's goin' Barbizon
Curled up beggin, layin on the canvas
Instead of in the ready position like praying mantis
Scissors, Lanvis, grand fist sandwich
Stance switch, slammed on, stitches twitch, hands itch
Damn snitch, any street corner
Could be the platform 'til we defeat, gone and wander
Watch your mouth jaw, southpaw, outs floor
Doubt your clout more, bout roar, outscore, boy
Off the leash like UFC
Off the beat, off ya feet like two lefties
FUB's, heffer please
Lost a few to stew beef, new referees
What a remarkable team, show your teeth

The shine that sparkles and gleams
Light up the skies
The name of the game is the lightworks
Light up the spliffs
The name of the game is lightworks

“Lightworks” is a slight re-working of a song J Dilla released on his classic "Donuts". MF DOOM decided to spice it up with his own unique swag, but the background sample remains largely unchanged from the original.

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