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MEDHANE - Allegedly

Yeah, yeah, uh
Yeah, yeah, uh, yeah
Yeah, yeah, uh
Yeah, uh, uh

Turmoil behind my eyes, can’t hide it
I been workin' hard' tryna see alignment
From a city where the little niggas dyin'
Killed brother so you slidin', spinnin' blocks
Cold stone, solid rock, we pattern the plot
Cracked the seal for my niggas that’s trapped in the box
We let it burn, hurt me when you left the Earth
World turn, down bad niggas not concerned
Leave you stranded, upper hand it
Stretch the canvas, changed the answers
Niggas can’t figure me out
Ask me how i’m gettin to that shit in a drought
Brodie jus' copped him a .40 with the clip sticking out
On road, niggas switchin' the route
Touched some paper need them bigger amounts
Cold water on the way, uh
Full circle, play the cut, they catchin' strays
Ready for the rain, uh
Going steady, shit get heavy, but it’s fake, uh
Separate stakes, jot the pressure on the page
Seen niggas lose they mind tryna maintain
But if it was you and I, wouldn’t change place
Niggas really telling lies, tryna save face
How you moving with you feet stuck in the same place?
I’m on Fulton skippin' stops like the A Train
Hopped with weed in my socks, then the Jakes came
I got little quick, ducked off hit the street just to feel the wind
You say it’s ice between us but the shit is thin
Shit crack then it’s really lit
Lost my marbles tryna get a grip, flip
Game glitched, takin' sips
Make paper, tryna make again
Uh, tryna make again, tryna make againYou might also like

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