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M24 - Riding

[Intro: Tookie]
Can't talk about riding
We the niggas that rid
Late alone grinding
I was out late for a couple of quid
And I squeezed that ting
The wars-The wars ain't bringing that in
Violence, do that with no surprises
Wave that 'round and I'm digging that in
[Verse 1: M24]
I'm good in my hood, of course
And I'm good with the flicks and stick as well (Uhh-huh)
This sweet one got arse and tits as well (She does)
Filled up clips as well
My man got fried like chips as well (Uhh-uhh)
I circled more than once or twice (Facts)
With Slap and Stickz as well
On the road, got clout for savage (Yes)
Parties, broski brang it (He did)
Feds at my door, like damn it
Damn it, caught another case for the maddest (Ah man)
My yardie one, she the baddest
Slap it, grab it, I'm in love with the backers (Uhh)
She just start comin' 'round the GBG's
And now she's in love with the slappers (GBG's)

[Verse 2: Tookie]
Grabb-Grabbed him, sad ting, said he weren't 'bout it
But look now, should've never allowed him (Never)
Not a class for the clowning, drown him
Man done it and burnt that outfit
In the field, their workrate is quiet (Uhh)
But on the net when they talk, they're the loudest
How is this damp? Fuck, never mind it (How?)
Cah I was in the T house counting up thousands
Ay, side by side in the four wheel motor
Oh lard, gangdem, we're doing up gliding
Frightening, stretch that pack like yoga
Tryna see cake go wide then heighten, heighten
Screw Loose got his screw tightened
Talk about wrong place, wrong timing
Young, when you're older, keep your composure
Bro just step and press for their livein'
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Trap, trap phone still ringing (Brr-brr)
Same way the bots and things still beating
Really handshake them a greeting
Ride out, it's GBG's that you're meeting
Ching it, duss, we don't cause no fuss (No)
Made a lot of them buss like semen (Uhh)
Demon, demon
Me and bro's like Kel and Keenan
I was in the trap when I weren't at school (Facts)
Just tryna move white like Liam (Get gwop)
Opps can't see him (No)
Do a man live like Grant done Ian (Yes)
Round, round here, top guys, we be 'em (Yes)
They just can't stand 'cause I'm making bucks (No)
You see me? I just can't wait 'til I see 'em (Now)

[Verse 4: Tookie]
And if you talk tough on beats
But don't mistake that shit with the streets (Uhh-huh)
They don't practice what they preach (No)
Cah their works don't match the receipts (No)
What do you mean?
AD's, GB's do it live on the streets
Bro-bro throw that corn and then skeet
Black blade wave round then dig it in deep
And she didn't wanna know back then
Bet now she wish that she knew me more
And, look how many yutes we saw
And suttin' got diced like a Ludi board (Uhh-huh)
Breaking news, new reports (Uhh-huh)
Opp block tour, buss them doors
Seventeen slangin' trap
Real rap, no cap, I can move this fours
[Verse 5: M24]
Hands on a suttin' (Uhh)
Drill that now (Uhh)
Back then it was hands on a flicks (Flicks-flicks)
Spill that now (Right now)
Just got a brand new strain of the L (L pack)
Man bill that now
I do it like Bikes and Jaj, no PDC (Uhh)
But I peel that now
They can't do it like us, truss
We creep up, they duss, fuss
Most of their man's been touched, 'nuff
Gyal want woody and fuck (Holy)
I don't wanna have to cause no fuss
Cah it won't be nice if your bredrins cuts (Nope)
They talk 'bout cash but they're fucking fruss

[Verse 6: Tookie]
Ay, JB hold me down (Ay, hold me down)
Tell a boy shh-shh
Ride for their homies now
Hold me down, holy cow
I been chinging from qway
But them boy wan' go on like it's only now (Hold that)
Them man do shit drills and brag
That's why me and them couldn't roll around
Still, when I cut I gotta dodge these bacons
True say, they know about me and my status
Haters, fools, they're fools, they're fakers
Real life shit, don't ever mistake it
Wave it, wave it, shave it
No faces, no cases and no traces
How many times have clutched on my stainless?
Wave that 'round, still bunnin' them paigons

[Outro: M24]
Mash-mash on burst
Cough, cough, buss
He got-got, that's us, us
Done and never caused no fuss
Left in dust
Oh well, get-got, that's a fuckin' must
Truss, truss, GBG's, that's nuttin' but love

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