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M24 - N.F.T.R

(Ay, Michelin)

(Talk about–)
Talk about me, I got money pilin'
Even in my sleep while I'm makin' racks (No cap)
Get Back Gang, we're the new generation
The new generation got so much packs (Getbacks)
Facts, I smoke Bis when I'm windin' down
When I wake up, I smoke on Latz (L pack)
During the day time, I smoke on Skizz (Yeah)
To inspire me when I'm writin' tracks (I do)
Let me talk my shit, let me talk my wass
I ain't tryna rap, battle, or clash (No)
Are you buzzin'? Corn gets dashed
When I send my young boys 'round there with a mash (Uh)
Feds on my door again
'Cah one of them boy khalased
And we ain't got nuttin' to do with the crime (No)
But it's always us man getting harrassed (Why?)
Why's Loski talkin' a mess?
Like we didn't have my man gettin' new tats (I don't know)
Why's K-Trap talkin' my name?
Like we didn't get 'round there and suttin' got slapped (I don't know)
I done a drill on my birthday
When I should've been poppin' chams' (Yes)
And I can't take the opp boys serious
'Cah they come 'round and beat off blanks
Talk on my name, but they broke and they're tramps
Get that done, switch it off like a lamp
I woulda been pissed if that was me
So you know that I gotta give thanks (Yes)
The 8 got done so bad (Yes)
I know they're pissed that they lost JaySav (Sad ting)
Live on the streets, it's peak
If you ain't really on, but you talk like you're bad (No cap)
Nuttin' like lies in a track, it's fiction
I can't listen to that, I skip him (Lock it)
Before hammers and flickies (Yes)
I was rollin' with mummy's kitchen (No cap)
Free Burnz, I miss him (Free him)
In the wokhouse, but he still livin'
Me and S ain't got the same blood (Uh-huh)
But he my sibling, but he my sibling
JB fresh out of the box like trainers (From that–)
From that, it's nuttin' but winnin'
And I ain't even started, it's just the beginnin'
The beef ain't warm yet, it's just the beginnin' (Uh-huh)
Flicky tucked, approach, get yucked
Still takin' risk, that's how I'm livin'
90 on jewels, that's how I'm livin' (90)
Sight me an opp, the aim is to kill him (Dead)
Rip that out of the case, and dig him
Dig it, dig him
GBGs in Tivoli chillin' (With tugs–)
With tugs and gorgeous women
Laugh at them when I smoke their friends (Aha)
I watch my man give it the biggin'
Are they gonna ever stop the cap in their rap? (No)
I don't know, God willin' (Huh)You might also like

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