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M24 - Come Again (feat. Stickz)

(Lekaa Beats)

[Verse 1: M24]
Don’t compare me to them boys (Don't)
'Cause we ain't got nothin' alike (Nope)
Brand new wetter, sixteen shooter (Sixteen)
You know that’s something I like (Grr, baow)
I used to do drills on a dirt up bike (Yes, yes)
Now it’s Range Rover SVR (Rrr)
Watch everybody pree when I stop at the lights (Preein')
I got a cutie in Gucci (Yes), even Gucci down to the tights
Socks and a Triple S, I came a long way for these Nike flights (I came a long way)
Yes, officer, I know my rights (I do)
To keep silent, straight "No comment"
I could never talk up like 6ix9ine (No way)
Uh, way before Snapchat views and likes (Way before Snapchat)
Like Kojo Funds, man, I bust my nine (Yes)
Or the GT spin (Yes)
I done it in car or bike (Uh-uh)
Violations, never slide (Never)
I go back 'round there same night (Yes, yes, yes, yes)
Course black lives matter
Look at this brown skinned jawn with a backer
Back mazza (Yes), really impressed in the field like Kaka
Man down like Shakka (Uh)
In the jail house, opps get battered (Grr, baow)
On my block all the time cah we got shit patterned
[Verse 2: Stickz]
Drillin’ and fuckery
Knife in the kitchen, kill him with cutlery (Muhh)
Hit him up properly (How you mean?)
Now he’s in Riz and we’re billin' his duppy (Muhh)
Two twin barrels the neighbours
Pull up in a '19 plate Bentayga
With the car just smellin' like flavours
Like Zap Zone, now we got them lasers (Gang)
Brixton boy I was made in (Muhh)
Ain’t got the smoke man’s giving out shavings (How you mean?)
Bag a man I was chasin'
I had a mask on and they thought I was Jason (That was Stiz)
Sorry bro, you’re mistaken
This English yout got the heart of Jamaican (Gang)
This a fried eyed ting, I was blazing
Turn man's grape to a fuckin' raisin

[Verse 3: M24]
Blew a bag and I still got nicked for a stab (Uh-uh)
Only got down one nigga, why are you braggin'? (Uh-uh)
When you see us man, approach with caution (Yes)
The ting greased up so it ain’t jammin' (Baow)
What you know about that Rambo Aladdin? (What you know?)
Tryna make my man fly like Aladdin (Yes)
Too much gyal, I got options, grab it
Hardly end up bashin' (Hardly)
We got it, when we leave out (Yes)
Good luck tryna catch man lackin' (Good luck)
Wack it pack it, still tryna pack it (Uh-uh)
In the clubs and the DJ's jack it (Jack that)
Beef man back it, GB’s crash it (Uh-uh)
Crash it, we don’t do clashin' (Nope)
If a boy want crash then we meet up
Whack him and do that shit with a passion (I do)
Bad B wanna slop me, come on then (Come on then, come on then)
Opps wanna drop me, come on then (Uh-uh)
Feds tryna lock me, come on then, come on then, come on then
On my block, come get me, come on then (Uh-uh, uh-uh)
Said they circle my block, nigga come again (Come again, come)
Spun that block, then we spun again (Skrrt, grr, baow)
He got bun and got bun again (Uh-uh)
Come on then (Yes, yes)
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