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Lute - Life

[Verse 1]
My daughter called me crying
Said she missed me, so I just cried with her
Some days I get caught up in the mix, but I'm still a real nigga
If you want it, then go get it, that's how the rich get richer
Niggas yellin' put them on, but never really get the picture
'Cause, shit, I fight for this
Nearly gave half my life for this
Some days I feel like I'm just right for this
Then a rap nigga show me just how really wack the cycle is
My music like a gif, 'cause niggas askin' "what do I type for this?"
Only person that I'm up against is me
I'm hella humble, don't mistake, that shit as weak
Show my daughter if she fall, it's cool, just get back on your feet
I'm here to give you all these tools and then my life will be complete
Show you what you dream is true and what you want in life and reach
And now I gotta take a look at me and practice what I preach
You are who you wanna be
And now I gotta take a look at me and practice what I preach

Sometimes life gets crazy
Some days I don't know up from down
(Some days I don't know up from down)
Life gets so crazy
But I can't turn my back right now

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