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Lute - GED (Gettin Every Dolla)

[Intro: Lute]
Yeah, yeah
Just got in the-

[Verse 1: Lute]
Just got in the habit of switching the flow
Just trying to travel the globe
Tired of being underlooked in this bitch
Tired of hearing "I can't wait till you blow"
Had to step out of my shell for a bit
Cuzzo told me put my foot on they throat
Had to let go of some niggas last year
Wish they'd let my nigga out on parole
Niggas used to bump The Warm Up by Cole
My nigga used to warm the house with the stove
Shit, if he made it out of this bitch, ain't no telling where my talent can go
Skinny nigga from the 4, used to battle rap niggas for bread when I'm bored
Fuck what? Your boy used to swerve in a Honda Accord to the store
Hit up the Midget for Newport 100's and lottery tickets

[Chorus: Lute]
Now I be whipping some shit that I prayed for, all my shit paid for
Niggas'll switch on you quick like what team do you play for?
I dead a fake nigga like case closed
All my life, I been ten-toes, G.E.D. my initials
So fuck what you talking, I get every dollar
I don't have a collar, if I did, I would pop it
Like "nigga, what's popping?" But bro, I can't call it
Like look how we started, but now we here
Niggas throwing shade out of fear
'Cause where I'm at, niggas see they self
Don't be mad, bruh, just be yourself

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