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Lupe Fiasco - GHOTI

Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
I said, yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah (Uh)

[Verse 1]
Assassin's Creed, rapping it back indeed
Like a mansion that's lacking fees, tapping the blackest keys
Capture catastrophes like a camera feed
Ball like a can of peas, fall like Michael Jackson on anaesthes'
Mistaking maidens for manatees
Neuralink is now pirating all your fantasies
Mistaking the sanitation for sanity
My mistake, I'm mistaking staying for cannot leave
I see your color (Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2]
Assassin's Creed, lasso to the hammer squeeze (I see your color)
Thor and Wonder Woman, battle at the apple trees
Or likе Adam-Eve happened at a Applеbees
Y'all can go half on a sample platter you can have with cheese
Battered covered data with the added tees
Giant leaps, beware where that landing ladder leads
'Cause you can walk up there
But don't take off your mask, and try and talk up there, yeah
'Cause ain't no screams in space
Egyptian museum, they keep the kings in crates
Thrones out on loan and they keep their rings in safes
You decide, apple pie or the fries come with the snake
Prosperous gospel, got choirs all on the case
Poverty pimpin' angel wings, flies all on her face
Wave a K until they die and then ride all on their wake
Shooting Trakk on the track, I ride all on the freights
Like I'm shoestring, they say you can't escape when rich
It's just a bigger plate, they catching bait with fishYou might also like

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