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Ludacris - Splash Waterfalls

Oh oh oh
(Say it!)
*make love to me*
Oh oh oh
*fuck Me*

I'm bout' to throw some game
They both one and the same
Cupids the one to blame
(Say it!)
*make love to me*
I'm bout to shed some light
Cuz each and every night
You gotta do it right
*fuck me*

They want it nice and slow
Kiss em from head to toe
Relax and let it go
*make love to me*

They want it now and fast
Grabbin and smackin ass
You gotta make it last
*fuck me*

Together holdin hands
You out there spending grands
And makin family plans
*make love to me*

Don't have to straighten facts
Don't want no strings attached
Just scratches on you back
*fuck me*

Ex'es aint actin right
And you so glad to fight
Dinners by candelight
*make love to me*

She got a nigga' whipped
Down to ya finga tips
Tryin' that freaky shit
*fuck me*

Turn on some Babyface
Just for ya lady's sake
Your call her babycakes
*make love to me*

Know how to mack a broad
Shes on your sack and balls
You call her jaberjaws
*fuck me*

[Chorus: X2]

You bout to buy a ring
She needs the finer things
Gucci designer frames
*make love to me*

Purchase a nasty flick
Wrap up and tie up quik
Know how to drive a stick
*fuck me*

You both unite as one
You da moon and shes ya sun
Your hearts a beatin drum
*make love to me*

You betta notacane
She wanna feel the pain
Then hear her scream ya name
*fuck me*

Follow this dick-tionary
You both some visionaries
Then do it missionary
*make love to me*

I hear them call the wild
And do it all the while
Doggie and froggie style
*fuck me*

You in between the sheets
Lickin and eatin sweets
And what you find ya keep
*make love to me*

You do it standin up
Orgasms, hand em up
Ya'll just don't give a fuck
*fuck me*

[Chorus: X2]

You wanna tell the world
Cuz shes ya favorite girl
Ya diamond and ya pearl
*make love to me*

Nobody has to know
Just keep it on the low
And meet em right and fo'
*fuck me*

Nothin but fights and fussin
Plus theres alot a cussin'
Just grab a hold a somethin'
*make love to me*

Ya'll do that bad stuff
She liked it rammed up
Ropes and hand cuffs
*fuck me*

[Chorus: X2]

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