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Ludacris - Everybody Wit Me

Ok now everybody with me drunk as f*ck
Break it down and roll it up
Everybody got they killas with em
Rep yo' side and throw em up
Pour it up and it's goin' down
Light another blunt and it's goin' rough
Puff Puff pass you can toast yo glass
Later on we'll screw and slow it up
If you make it fast I can make it last
And I'm a nigga that's makin' cash
8 Figures in the bank and I'll pull yo rank
What you think with your hatin' ass
You think you fly I know you not
You tote your knife I tote my Glock
Big body cadillac women in the back seat
Speakers steady pumpin' as I pass these losers
Yo' car too small I can't fit my women in a PT cruiser
Get ya cake up get ya weight up way up to the top
Till you can't go further
These snitches is after my riches and yes
I smell bloody murder
When I cock back better drop that
Can't block that, lock that fools better stop that
Otherwise you can pop back
But after dumpin' a round you'll be wonderin' where the cops at? Where the cops at? Cause I'm drunk as f*ck
Tell em I'm far from sober 'cause if the po po happen to pull me oooover I'm a just tell em...You might also like

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