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Lucy Dacus - Kissing Lessons

[Verse 1]
Rachel was a year older
When I was in the second grade
I thought she might know everything
I took her word like a golden ring
I asked her how to win my man
And she said, "I know just the thing"
Gave me lip gloss and a hair toss
And after school, a lesson in kissing

[Verse 2]
She called me by the name of a crush
I couldn't decide if she was Cole or Justin
I think I called her baby or darling most the time

[Verse 3]
We'd take turns being seduced
Imagining the day it would come into use
Imagining thе day we'd start breaking hearts
And taking namеs

She wanted a three-story house
I wanted to live by a body of water
With my children and their father
Children and their father
Three sons and a beautiful daughter (Oh)
[Instrumental Break]

Rachel's family moved out of town
I don't remember when we stopped hanging out
But I still wear a letter R charm on my bracelet
And wonder if she thinks of me as her first kiss

Indie-pop singer Lucy Dacus delivers a tongue-in-cheek tune about getting advice from true friends with “Kissing Lessons”. The song’s promotion first began in late January 2022, as flyers with the phone number "(804) 409-4451" offered a minute-and-a-half snippet of the song when called up. The song, together with its official music video, was released on February 2, 2022. In her newsletter, Lucy stated that “Kissing Lessons” was originally written back in 2017, and then included in a test tracklist for her 2021 album Home Video before it was eventually discarded. The song was also released in physical format (together with the other standalone single “Thumbs Again”), recorded on 7" vinyl discs available in baby blue and black limited editions. "I have a new song called “Kissing Lessons​” which is actually an old song I wrote in 2017 and tried to put on Home Video but it didn’t fit in because it’s too fun." – Lucy Dacus, via newsletter.

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