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Lucii - Rockstar

He's an absentee landlord, worship that? Never!
(Nxsty, that sounds cold)
(Lucii mixed this, baby, haha)
(Fetch me their souls)
Luc', Luc', Luc', splash

Step and attack (Boom, baow)
All of my burners slap (Grrah), but what about yours? (Ha)
I heard you was dishin' out rebars to the young G's, oh lord (That's washed)
Like what are you fightin' for? (Like what?)
Is it peace? Bro, allow it (Allow it)
All of the mandem violent and if they wan' ride, I'll allow it (Go and do it)
Step outside with a shank and douse it (Douse)
No, we ain't like them, we ain't cowards (We ain't)
We step and kweff on opps (Opps)
I had ten man run from Luc' and them man there try cut my block (Ayy, what?)
Big rambo, slider and socks, I couldn't catch up, I'm fat and slow (I'm slow)
Like why did they cap my ting? Them man there ain't sold their soul (They're liars)
I spent months in my room just prayin', why you think all my cases closed? (They're closed)
I came in this ting like a condom, I didn't hold back when I wanted to blow (I didn't)
I got fans all over the world, tattooing my mask like what do you know? (What do you know?)
And all of my opps are broke, they cannot afford to buy them an Anglo Arms, let alone, buy them smoke (Smoke)
Why you think Lucii's givin' man poke? (Poke)
They're jokes, some clowns (They're clowns), I'm the king in the spirit ting
Believe me or not, I don't give out fucks (I don't)
I step in the forest at three in the mornin'
Step out of four when I boost in luck (I'm lucky)
God knows what I do in the hour (Hour, hour)
I saw the Shaitan (Shaitan)
They said they want old Lucii back, but truth is I never left (I didn't)
I can't speak on powers (I can't)
NatyahS fo thgil lacov eht lla ni ekat yllaer dna gnos eht pu nrut os ,gnol s'ti ,hcum oot yas I fI
Now, go and reverse it (Reverse)
Pull up on opps and burst it (Burst)
How can they lie on my name with so much chest? He's got me cacklin' (Cacklin')
We made the whole block famous, the man them washed, so we did Madeleine (Madeleine)
We had to go (We cut)
Nowadays, I'm a big boy rapper, I'm eatin' well, and it clearly shows (It shows)
But I'm still blackballed from shows (Show), they don't want Lucii on the stage, chantin' my name and screamin' "If you saw what I did that day in Brookmill Park"
But it's fine, I'll affirm it (Affirm)
Fuck this music biz, fill up a fuckin' vermin (Vermin)
Took over 2020 (Facts), this demon shit is mine (It's mine)
The fans didn't like when I tried go commercial, now, I'm back online (Online)
I'm takin' it back to "Soul Is Mine" (Your soul is mine)
Days unruly, shed in light, **** got splashed up nice with a swammy
God knows how the prick is alive (How?)
JV got bored in his back, twice (Twice)
All now, he ain't try ride (Splash)
Lilo got shot, got spun, low (Low), **** gay, slapped his mum (His mum) on my fuckin' life (On my life)
My samurai sword got bent after drenchin' a man, no fuckin' lies (Some fuckin' piece of shit)
So how does it feel to get wet by shank I bought for cheap online? (Tell me)
[Outro: Camden Harris]
Look, Lucii, bro, I'm tellin' you
All these other rappers, they ain't got it like you, bro
They talk about diggin' through man's chest and shit
But when Lucii comes on, bro, when demonic Lucii comes on, it's a whole different type of fucking drill
Bro, I'm tellin' you, whole different bar gameYou might also like

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