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Louis Tomlinson - Always You

[Verse 1]
I went to Amsterdam without you
And all I could do was think about you
And oh-oh-oh, I should've known
I went to Tokyo to let it go
Drink after drink, but I still felt alone
I should've known

I went to so many places
Looking for you in their faces
I can feel it, oh, I can feel it

I'm wastin' my time when it was always you, always you
Chasin' the high, but it was always you, always you
Should've never let you go-oh-oh
Should've never let you go-oh, my baby
Go-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

[Verse 2]
I went from LAX to Heathrow
Walked through my door, but it felt nothing like home
'Cause you're not home
Waiting to wrap your legs around me
And I know you hate to smoke without me
And, oh-oh-oh, now you know

“Always You” talks about the feeling that someone was meant to be with you, where everything seems to remind you of them. He confirmed it to be on his debut album on his #SpotifyFansFirst interview with Roman Kemp. Louis has mentioned in the same interview that it is personal to him, and his favorite song off of his album. On August 24, 2017, Louis released a snippet on his Instagram containing lyrics that were later revealed to be part of the track. In a Q&A session with Crash Records, Louis explained that “Always You” made it on the album because of the fans: The reason “Always You” stayed is that I teased 15 seconds of it on one of my socials years back and, ever since, the fans have been desperate to hear it. I owed them that one. In an interview with The Sun, Louis described the track as a song about “traveling the world and just being a fucking idiot and going, ‘Of course it was always you’.” "It’s autobiographical, me making that realization that it’s always been that one person and that no matter what you do or what you see, you miss that person." — Louis for Apple Music In August 2017, Louis shared a snippet of the song on Instagram. He then tweeted that he wrote the song about six months ago, meaning it would have been written around February 2017, almost three years before the track’s release.

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