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Lotus Eater - Freaks

[Verse 1: Lotus Eater]

I wanna talk about something real
Our lives have become so stale
What happened to being a freak
And never feeling weak

But now it's all the same
No one to change the game
That screen you sit behind
Well now’s your fucking time

Change the norm
Bring back the stares and shouts
And feed off the uncomfortable

I wanna be a freak
So far from the sheep

[Now’s your fucking time]

[Verse 2: Freddie Sunshine]

Go on one
Stone on one
Demonize me if you must
I'm broken
Never weak
Niggas hate behind screen
Gotta a lotta shit to say
But niggas never taking me
Gimme 10 likes and
I'll kill myself tonight
No this ain’t right
But that's really fucking life

Circles round my eyes
Sketching of the fucking soul
Holding what they offer
Never paying what they owe

[Are you used to it?]

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