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Limp Bizkit - Nookie

I came into this world as a reject
Look into these eyes then you'll
See the size of the flames (the size of the)
Dwellin' on the past (past)
It's burnin' in my brain (hot)
Everyone that burns has to learn from the pain
Hey I think about the day (days)
My girlie ran away with my pay
When fella's came to (play)
Play now she's stuck with my homeez that she fucked (ooh)
And i'm just a sucker with a lump in my
Throat (hey)
Like a chump (hey)
Like a chump (hey)
Like a chump (hey)
Like a chump (hey)
Like a chump (hey)
Like a chump (hey)
Like a chump (hey)

Should i be feelin' bad (no)
Should i be feelin' good (no)
It's kinda sad i'm the laughing stock of the neighborhood
Hey you would think that i'd be movin' on (movin')
But i'm a sucker like i said
Fucked up in the head not
An' maybe she just made a mistake
And i should give her a break
My heart'll ache either way
Hey what the hell what you want me to say
I won't lie that i can't deny

(chorus) (2x)
I did it all for the nookie (come on) the nookie (come on)
So you can take that cookie and stick it up your (yeah)
Stick it up your (yeah) stick it up your (yeah)
Stick it up your

Why did it take so long
Why did i wait so long huh
To figure it out but i didn't
And i'm the only one underneath the sun who didn't get it
I can't believe that i could be decieved (but you were)
By my so-called girl but in reality
Had a hidden agenda
She put my tender heart in a blender
And still i surrendered

(hey) like a chump (hey)
Like a chump (hey)
Like a chump (hey)
Like a chump (hey)
Like a chump (hey)
Like a chump (hey)
Like a chump

(chorus) (2x)

I'm only human it's so easy for your friends to give you their advice

They'll tell you just let it go (let it go) it's easier said than done

(i appreciate it) i appreciate it i do but just leave me alone

(leave me alone) leave me alone (leave me alone) just leave me alone

And nothing's gonna change 'cause you can go away and i'm just gonna stay here and always be the same (3x)
I'm just gonna staaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy

(chorus) (2x)

"Nookie" is a song by the rap rock band Limp Bizkit, released as the first single from their second album Significant Other. It was released on June 15, 1999. "Nookie" made Limp Bizkit extremely popular. The song aided in its parent album Significant Other getting certified 7× Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). "Nookie" was their first single to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. It went to #80 on July 31, 1999 and was on the chart for 11 weeks. "Nookie" also went to #74 on the Radio Songs chart, #6 on the Mainstream Rock chart, and #3 on the Alternative Songs chart. "Nookie" went to #1 on MTV's Total Request Live many times during the summer of 1999. The song gained Bizkit its first Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance, but lost to Metallica's "Whiskey In The Jar". In a 2008 interview with British rock magazine Kerrang, guitarist Wes Borland said the following about how the lyrical content turned out: "The music was cool, but I didn't like the lyrics at all. The funny thing is that Nookie was actually the working title. When we were in the studio there was a porn magazine that had the word 'nookie' on the cover, so I was like, 'This song's called Nookie!', I never thought someone would actually run with it. I suppose it's all my fault." Fred Durst said about the song, "It's about my ex-girlfriend, how she treated me like shit, and I couldn't leave her, wouldn't get over it," he said. "She screwed my friends and used me for my money. I tried to figure out why I did it, and I figured I did it all for the nookie." The video was filmed in Long Island City. In the music video, Durst sings the song while walking through city streets drawing a crowd of female followers as he leads them to a secret concert performance of the song in an alley. The band allowed hundreds of fans to participate, playing the song in front of the large crowd. All the guys went to one side of the stage, and the girls on the other side. When Durst sang the chorus at certain parts, he would hold out his microphone to the crowd, getting that particular side to sing. This was, according to Durst, to show that "guys go off hard, but girls go off even harder". At the end of the video, Durst gets arrested and taken away by the police for disturbing the peace.

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