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Lil Uzi Vert and 21 Savage - Yessirskiii

[Intro: 21 Savage & Jamie Foxx]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Straight up
Straight up, straight up
Straight up, straight up
(Yo, Pi'erre, you wanna come out here?)
Straight up, straight up
Straight up, straight up

[Verse 1: 21 Savage]
Let a nigga get inside (Yeah)
Gotta wear a seatbelt when you ride (Yeah)
I'm keepin' my Jimmy on tied (Yeah)
I can count that shit with no eye (Straight up)
You killed my partner, we ride (Straight up, straight up)
Lil' nigga, we ain't lettin' shit slide (Straight up, straight up)
Y'all niggas ain't lettin' shit die (Straight up)
Yeah (Straight up, straight up)
Hit a nigga bitch outside (21)
Then I pulled up the V-Live (21)
And we had them sticks outside (21)
Drinkin' on lean, I'm tired (On God)
Y'all niggas can't join my live (On God)
I ain't givin' no high fives (Straight up)
Y'all niggas fuck around and be wired (Straight up)
Drop-head Phantom on me (21)
Whole lotta hunnids on me (On God)
Whole lotta rubber bands, nigga, fuck a rubber band
Nigga, whole bookbag me (Straight up)
Ten M's, yessirski (On God)
Whole lotta hoes, they ski (On God)
Cocaine white like teeth (On God, on God, on God, on God, on God)
LA hoes on deck (21)
Thirty rounds hangin' out the TEC (You dig?)
Y'all niggas rookies, I'm a vet (I did)
Put a peephole through your neck (Say what?)
I just wanna talk about the check (And what?)
Made a quarter ticket, bought a 'Vette (21)
Savage still poppin', I'm set (21)
(21, 21, 21)
We was chargin' ten for 'em first (Straight up)
And I want ten for a verse (Straight up)
Fuck that, nigga want ten-times-ten for a verse (Uh, straight up)
Ten-times-ten in your hearse (21)
I don't go to church, I curse (On God)
I ain't tryna kiss that bitch, lil' bitch, I'ma put it on your chin when I burst (Lil' bitch)