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Lil Tecca - Out Of Love (feat. Internet Money)

It's my love, it's your love, it's our love
And I be thinkin' the world is out of love
So lovestruck, it's fucked up
And she don't really care because

Everybody want the same thing
New chain, new car, and the same ring
I just wanna make money with the same gang
New glass, new frame, but the same lane
Whole team cope different, but the same pain
Rollie, Rollie, Rollie, I just want a plain jane
Bitches fuckin' different niggas for the same fame
I'm committed to myself, nigga, so I can't change

She wanna pop it, lock it, drop it
I'm so up, baby, stop it
Tinted windows ridin' 'round 'cause I'm poppin'
She wanna come, mop it
Showin' no love, toxic
Baby, can't trust, be honest
She want me to hit it, no boxin'
Pass the grip, toss it

This track concludes Virgo World as Lil Tecca raps about the lack of love in the world. He points out the clout-chasers, rapping about how everyone wants to be around him since he became famous. Lil Tecca teased this song on March 25, 2020, with a Triller snippet he tweeted out. The track’s artwork hints towards it appearing on Tecca’s Virgo World, with the initials “VW” appearing on the motel sign on the cover.

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