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Lil Keed - Obama Coupe

[Intro: Lil Keed & J. Cole]
I woke up on the good side, uh
I woke up on the good side of the bed today, you know what I'm sayin'?
Today is a great day
Fuck my bottle at? (You good, T-Minus?)

Come up in the buildin', man, you know the bitches on me and you know I'm puttin' on
Gave my lil' partner hundred years, goddamn, when the fuck he come home?
When you was down, you was tryna stick around, you was in my home
Heard you was up, but I don't want nothin' from you, you can't call my phone (Let's go)
My ho gettin' mad at me 'cause I'm cummin' before she cum (Let's go)
Pull up in an Obama coupe, but the inside Donald Trump, yeah (Donald Trump)
I ain't even learn her name, hit her in the state where she from (Where she from)
I'm over here just runnin' this sack up, come on

[Verse 1]
My heart so pure, bitch, I'm practicin', I'm speakin' Arabic (Yeah)
Blood in my eyes, it get blurry, ballin' right out, Stephen Curry
I post a bankroll, it's current, I'm runnin' it, Kentucky Derby
Hey, the shooter lurkin' and this ho' just slurpin'
Yeah, she remind me of slushies, these niggas birdies, they croakin'
I remember what you told me, stack it up, make sure the bills paid
I'm rockin' Dolce Gabbana, so she gon' give me some more head
And she want more bread, so she give me more head
I need some more head
Yeah, she has the motion, her pussy the ocean, yeah, yeah
Dance with your tongue and split, yeah, yeah
Shipment just came in, yeah, yeah, yeah
I ain't show you no love, I don't even care (Ayy, yeah)

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