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Lil Eazzyy - Big Dog

Go, go
Sleeze Money, yeah

Got put in that water, no swimmin' (No swimmin')
Niggas hate 'cause they hate how we livin' (Yeah)
Big rocks in my teeth, no dentist (No dentist)
I was lil' bro who was coppin' them sevens (Them sevens)
Got killas, was raised at eleven (Yeah)
Fiend for the dick, but I'm leavin' her beggin' (Beggin')
Whipped dope shit, coke shit messy
Sticks in the right of my coat, don't test me

How bro let it off? He a lefty
Sing us a song, I ain't talkin' no Bessie (No Bessiе)
Two hoes in the back and they sеxy (They sexy)
Tell 'em what's up, lemme know when you ready (What's up)
I can give you a job if you let me
Go put the work on, make sure that it's steady (It's steady)
VVS on my Cuban, they heavy
I been a boss, she can tell when she met me
Smokin' pressure, a hit, I won't let her
Beat up the box while she tug on my sweater (Yeah)
Say he do her right but I'm better
Haters be callin', you know I won't answer (I won't)
He got put in the feds for a hammer
You better be careful, police is some scammers (Yeah)
Actavis got me slurrin' my grammar
Apologies, I never cared about manners
Lil Eazzyy put on for his people (His people)
Cap with them and this shit'll get lethal (Yeah)
Why your band be breakin'? No Beatles (No Beatles)
We stick together like threadin' the needle (Yeah)
It's clones in the grass tryna be you (They is)
Only ask handouts when they see you
Tryna figure this out, no riddle
My bitch come in all different ways, no Skittles (Yeah)
More to life than to clutchin' that pistol (That pistol)
All you niggas be soft, no tissue (Soft)
You know what we be carrying
Go move around, you know to let the bosses get through
Big dogs over here, no Shih Tzu (No Shih Tzu)
If I'm feelin' lazy, have bro go and get you (Go get you)
No flight, but I bet that he catch you (Catch you)
Don't speak until brodienem let you (Yeah)
I know they be hurt 'cause the gang really livin' it
Fuckin' with Benjamin, my niggas killin' it
We get the pack off first, no middleman
Don't think you know that we go off adrenaline
Niggas be feminine, names I ain't mentionin'
He wanna low across the state, then I'm sendin' it
If she cannot hold the Glock then I'm endin' it
If I seen lights in the corner, I'm bendin' it
We in the trap and this shit in the mattress
Niggas be actin', ain't about action
Don't think I got it? Lil' nigga I'm packin'
Nobody lastin', niggas be fastin'
Pushin' the Scat on the E-way, I'm past 'em
They cannot find him, I'm finna time him
Took 'em too long to come catch up with me
Filled the dash to the top, at the forties they blind 'em (Yeah)
Bet the forties, they blind 'em (Go)

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