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Lil Durk - 3 Headed Goat (feat. Lil Baby and Polo G)


[Chorus: Lil Baby]
These ain't no Guess jeans
I dropped out of school, I'm still good at math, but, nigga, don't test me
I played to the left, they went to the right, they tried to finesse me
Still riding 'round with that blicky, I hope they don't catch me
Police had raided our spot, so we went to the next street
Play like I'm dumb, as soon as it pop, I'm goin' retarded
He say I'm hard and he say I'm garbage, I'm rich regardless
We in Miami in the middle of the winter, and we on them jet skis
If we in Atlanta, I'm runnin' the 'Cat and I'm workin' the red key

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
I cannot mention my homies inside of my song 'cause I know they be trappin' a lot
I can't keep takin' these pills, when I'm in the trenches, they say I be cappin' a lot
I know a nigga who say he got rich off the dope, but I know he be actin' a lot
I know some niggas who said that they took down the city, but niggas be lackin' a lot
That shit was awful, nigga had that dog food
That day they shot you, I slid on a Mongoose
You cannot come back around me, you turned your back on me, I cannot forget
The police was lyin', they say that they caught you, but nigga, they made you admit
Your name was found, you put in that work, they took your stick, you a bitch
Fuck my opps, they be on my dick, they all be mad we rich (Turn up)

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