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Lil Baby - Sum 2 Prove

[Verse 1]
You know Lil Ced, that's my nigga, I made him a millionaire, fuck it, we all rich
I ain't tryna have babies right now, so we fuck with the rubber, but I got a raw bitch
Know this money bring envy, you probably wan' be me, but bro, we can't beef 'bout no small shit
Overseas, got the crowd doin' moshpits
Can't believe that I'm still in the 'partments
Businessman, went and got me an office
Million-dollar deals, I get 'em often
Me and Dolla was servin' on Sparks Street
Hot lil' jit, he gon' stay with the chopstick
I got robbed, that shit made me a monster
Eviction notice, my sister, my mamas
Now they houses as big as they want 'em
I done ran up them motherfuckin' commas, look at lil' Dominique
Livin' like we in a race, I might come in first or second, but I won't ever be last
Lately, I been in my bag
Bro told me don't take my foot off the gas
If they give you a inch, go'n and take you a mile
I'ma shoot by myself like a technical foul
City to city, got girls goin' wild
Better not reach for my chain when I jump in the crowd
Lambo' so low, gotta squat
We finally made it, let's pop us some bottles
I took the lead and let everyone follow
They know I'm runnin' it right to the bank
They want me to ease up, I didn't leave 'em any breathin' room, sorry, I told 'em, "I can't"
Heard you a rat, so you know what's gon' happen whenever we catch you, I run with them snakes
Peep all the moves I been makin', by time I get forty, I gotta be one of them greats
Watch how I move with this paper, I know if I slip up one time they gon' try to come take it
Real as it get and these niggas be fakin', I don't want they vibes, so they hand I ain't shakin'
She on that '42 straight with no chaser
I'm tryna get out of here and go taste her, yeah

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