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Lil Baby - Life Goes On

Cook that shit up, Quay

[Verse 1: Lil Baby]
Trackhawk Jeep goes too fast (Too fast)
I don't even wear no seatbelt (Seatbelt)
Bad lil' bitch got no breasts (No breasts)
Upgrade, now she got D-cups (D-cups)
Hop out the Range, I'm glowin' (Glowin')
Who is Lil Baby? He goin' in (Goin' in)
Man, these old rappers gettin' borin' (Borin')
They be takin' shots, I ignored 'em (Ignored 'em)
Send that pack to the hood while I'm tourin' (Tourin')
Makin' plays out of town like I'm Jordan (Jordan)
Need to go get your ho 'cause she whorin' (Whorin')
If her ball come my way, I'ma score it (Score it)
Lamborghini, I don't want no Porsches (Porsches)
I'm on fire, don't touch me, I'm scorchin' (Scorchin')
Had to fix all my teeth, I went porcelain (Porcelain)
Put the town on my back, I'm a horseman (Horseman)
One more year, I'ma make it to Forbes' List (Forbes' List)
They love me in the Bay like E-40 (40)
I be sittin' exotic on Moreland (Moreland)
Ain't no strings attached, keepin' it cordless (Cordless)
She keep callin', but I keep ignorin' it (Ignorin' it)
Ain't no stoppin', I'm keepin' it, floorin' it (Nawl)
Man, these niggas can't stop me, I'm goin' in (Nawl)
Man, these niggas can't stop me, I'm goin' in (Nawl)

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