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Lil Baby - Grace (feat. 42 Dugg)

[Verse 1: 42 Dugg]
Got a lotta new flames, still need them blue
Three hundred fifty thou', times that by two
New Dawn, no roof, I still see the sky
Peace to my grandma, I can still see my guys
Turned his back, must've felt let down
Heard I'm down seven hundred, what you gon' bet now?
Yeah, I used to be a twerp, bitch, a vet now
Luke, get up, doggy, I need you
Only nigga made sure that I was eatin'
Free Nef still, nigga, RIP Reese
Get her nails done, still charge for the feature
Baby, we ain't that, nah, we ain't this
All that fuckin', I don't do no kissin'
Bitches ain't shit, word to my niggas
All in my mentions (Damn)
Bitch really wanna get hired
Tell the lil' hoes I'm Bryson
I done hit more shit than Mike Tyson
Get popped, nigga, I ain't doin' no fightin'
Sinnin' 'bout cash, I ain't doin' no right

[Verse 2: Lil Baby]
Car too fast, can't stop at no light
I hit the gas, it skrrt, then I pull off
I'm on they ass, I just took a year off
She shakin' her ass, call me when she get off
Took half a mil' for my lil' bro to get out
That new Richard Mille made me feel like a boss
Feel like I'm Meech when I'm ridin' in these cars
Who you know pull up whole entourage in a foreign?
I got designer for days, but it's somethin' about 'em
Go crazy for white Air Force 1's, maybe 'cause I'm a dope boy
He be loud, but he ain't makin' no noise
'Ventador on the ground like a skateboard
If I want it, I get it, I pay for it
I pay extra, I ain't tryna wait for it
Everything that I got, it was made for me
I was servin' them trap houses faithfully
Everybody with me gotta eat
Say your grace with me

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