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Lil 2z - Finally

(Would you look at this, it's a Halfpint film bitch)

[Verse 1]
Look, I don’t know what done got into me
I been fuckin' wit' new niggas, new bitches, now I just feel like they plottin’ on me
And I play like I don't know, but really I know most these niggas ain't rockin' wit me
Bitch, I'm still gettin' old money
Spent all my show money
That shit was nothing to me
You don't know what the fuck I went through just to get where I'm at so you wouldn’t understand me
Do this shit for my momma, my cousins, my uncle, my aunties, and both of my grannies
Ion trip over shit, bitch, I take what I want, so it really ain’t shit you can hand me
Ain't no summer round here, bitch, I’m hot than a bitch, so that's why I got bitches to fan me
[Verse 2]
Back seat of a Chevy I'm nervous as hell, been a minute since I hit a lick
Plus I'm hot than a bitch, clutchin’ that .30 ignoring that I gotta piss
Ayy, pull up at the store I ain't feelin' too good, I think I gotta go take a shit
(2z you ain't backin' out, better chill the fuck out, lemme find out you ain't built for this)

[Verse 3]
I ain't never been a bitch, hit the damn gas, and let's get all this shit over with
And, plus I need the money, my momma been crying, she ain't got enough for the rent
And that's the same woman that tell me, "Don't worry 'bout shit" but I know she just actin'
I got partners who's mommas got shot just because of some old shit that already happened
I just couldn't imagine
I'd shoot the whole city without even askin'
This money wouldn't mean shit if I didn't go through what I went through to make this shit happen
In too deep in this shit, it's too hard just to quit, sometimes I forget that I be rappin'
Post a pic of a gun and I ‘posed to believe you just 'cause what you said in yo' caption?

[Spoken Interlude: Lil 2z and 2nd Voice]
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
Ay 2z, you see- You see what those boys said about you?
Hell nah, what he say?
He say- He say- He say you soft, and- and you don't know 'bout that struggle shit
Uh huh, that's what he say?
Well you tell that nigga I said this
You might also like[Verse 4]
Tell ‘em get off of my dick
Motha' fuckers don't know me, they act like they do, and that shit it just making me sick
Yeah, I love my niggas but wit' or without ‘em Lil 2z ain't runnin' from shit
I remember them nights when we couldn't pay the lights and we went to sleep sweatin' and shit
If I told you I love you I meant it my nigga, but that do not mean you a part of me
Thinking two moves ahead 'cause these shady-ass niggas out here think that they be outsmarting me
If I see sum' I like, and I want it my nigga it's fuck it, just know it's a robbery
Anything from the bitches, the cars, and the clothes
And even yo' property

You see what I'm sayin'?
Like, like like, this shit real like this shit come from my mothafucken court
You know what I'm sayin so like, like
A lot of niggas had that peaches and cream-ass childhood
You know what I'm sayin'
Well, I was sellin' crack at 15 tryna get them new 11s that came out
Hol' up, Hol' Up
I say

[Verse 5]
If I see sum' I like, and I want it my nigga it's fuck it, just know it's a robbery
Anything from the bitches, the cars, and the clothes
And even yo' property
You niggas don't really be sippin' on Drank (Drank)
Yo shit lookin' watery
They say 2z describe your childhood in one word
I'm sayin' its poverty
And momma she went without eatin' to feed us
And that shit right there really botherin' me
And I'm only 18, but all of the older niggas always tell me that they honor me
And I love the fact that I came up from the bottom
'Cause now it's a stronger me
I just pray that one day I wake up, and it's an end to this shit
Like a book with a glossary (Ayy)

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