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Lil' Wayne - Fireman (Cadence Weapon 'Snow In Edmonton' Remix)

(Weezy Baby)
Shh, the fireman comin'
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Uh-oh)
Yeah (Uh-oh, hey, I'm back), yeah
Yeah (That's right), yup (Birdman), yup
(They gon' have to call the law), uh-huh (I'm burnin', shawty)
I'm back (I tried told 'em)
What you, oh, what you gon' do now? (Yeah)

I'm the fireman (Yeah), fire, f-fireman (Yeah)
I got that fire, I'm hollering (Yeah)
I got that fire, come and try me, and (Yeah)
You can spark it up and I'ma put you out (I got 'em, get 'em)
You can spark it up and I'ma put you out (I got 'em)

[Verse 1]
Ain't nobody fuckin' with me, man (Uh-uh)
He-Man, ski mask, spendin' next week's cash, he fast (Oh)
And I don't even need a G-pass, I'm past that
I'm passin' 'em out now (Yeah), and you can't have that (Yeah)
And my chain, Toucan Sam that
Tropical colors, you can't match that (Oh, no)
Gotta be abstract (Oh, no)
You catch my girl legs open, better smash that (What?)
Don't be surprised if she ask where the cash at (Boy)
I see she wearin' them jeans that show her buttcrack (Hey)
My girls can't wear that, why? That's where my stash at (Uh-uh-uh)
I put my MAC down (Yeah), that's where you lack at (Yeah)
She need her candle lit (Yeah), and I'ma wax that (Got 'em)
I rekindled the flame (Got 'em), she remember the name (Got 'em)
It's Weezy Baby, January, December, the same (Who?)
Mama, give me that brain (Yeah), mama, give me that good (Yeah)
'Cause I'm the fireman (Oh), you hear the fire truck

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