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Life Long Tragedy - Time Stands Still

Remember those talks
On the lonley roads
Where we spilled our hearts
While we headed home
It's because of those nights
That we grew so close
I know our bond is stronger than most
The most profound things
I've ever heard
Came from half awake kids
That never had their turn
And I felt the same way
So we could all relate
With the misfortune
And what it takes out of ourselves

This has taken
So much out of me
Fucking drained
Running on empty
Stomach in knots
Begging to be free
I drown it all out
So I can finally breathe

And I'll ask myself
Where will, this road lead?
Fell down and picked back up
Destined for anything
And I'll ask myself
Where will this road lead?
I just need to know
Where the fuck will we end up?

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