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Liam Payne - Stack It Up (feat. A Boogie wit da Hoodie)

[Verse 1: Liam Payne]
I don't wanna be broke when I D-I-E
Wanna be livin' it up in VIP
Tryna get in the club, they wanna see ID
Want me to wear nice shoes and a T-I-E

[Pre-Chorus: Liam Payne]
I've been workin' and gettin' by
But that ain't enough to satisfy
'Cause I got dreams for you and I
So I got money on my mind

[Chorus: Liam Payne]
So if you wanna stack it up, man, you gotta work for it
Ain't nobody gonna be doin' it for ya
I got dreams and I got time
But that ain't enough to get me by
So I stack it up, man, I gotta work for it
Yeah, I got money on my mind
I-I, I-I
I got money on my mind
I-I, I-I

[Verse 2: Liam Payne]
I wanna flex hard like D-O-E
But right now my car need the MOT
And I can't give the valet no T-I-P
But like him, I got dreams and they're B-I-G

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