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Lexie - Blood Boils

I'm coming at you from the future
I just wanted to tell you
You are drained of meaning
Can't hold on to a feeling

Because y'all know (y'all know)
Whose blood boils (boils)
Who dons hot acidic layer
It's my funeral, take it to go
To lay a hand on it later

At dawn you grab mine
Championing movement
For me to feel valued
Is that why do it?

On the phone were you crying?
Or was it just the line
Shaky, cutting, losing sight?
I won't tell you it's alright

Headlights hit posts
And movement is known
But forward, backward, it's all relative
It's all in your head
You might also likeWhy does your touch
Linger on me too long
And the fucking air
All around me like you're still right there

Get away from me
No one can touch me
I want my mommy

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