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Lewis Capaldi - Rush (feat. Jessie Reyez)

[Verse 1: Lewis Capaldi]
The space between where our ends meet
Has grown too much for me to block it out
I miss the tone of your heartbeat
It's such a warming and familiar sound
I hope you're finding the power
To help you make it through the darker days
For now, I wait by the hour
If you wanna take somebody’s breath away

[Chorus: Lewis Capaldi]
I hope you’re lonely, hope you’re lost 'cause I've been
And I'd hate to think you're better off without me
I know we tried to hold on, but where do you go
When love, it just ain't enough?
Now does it kill you when you think about me?
Are you as close to giving up as I've been?
I know we kept losing touch, got lost in the rush
I pray you don't hurt too much

[Verse 2: Jessie Reyez]
I don’t come close to an angel
You ain’t never been no kind of saint
But when we both came together
Hell to heaven, you were my escape
But fires don't burn forever
And all these ashes crumble when we touch
We danced to death in the fire
What can we do now that the music's done, my love?

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