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Lewis Capaldi - Headspace

[Verse 1]
Salt of the earth, my friend
It's all that we are in the end
Well, you trapped down all the lines you drew
And I can take the hit but I'm sorry, I don't want the bruise
Your voice gets a little loud
When there's nothing to talk about, you shout, dear

And I'll find my lights fading out
More and more by the hour
It gets dark in here

If you got time enough for me
Sing me a song and send me to sleep
Slip into my headspace while I dream
Spin me a yarn, wrap it up around me

[Verse 2]
Dust to dust, my friend
Well, you're only blood and bones
And I know your heart's at war with your head
I am sure it hurt to see
You're more than I'll ever have
And more than I'll ever be
I know it's a little late
My timing was never great
But I'm calling, dear

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