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Laurel - Life Worth Living

[Verse 1]
Put his hands on my face
The kind of touch that made me chasing down
Like it's true love
Just tear me up, tear me down, ooh
Like it was true, oh
Every word that you're saying
And God, keep me staying
I'm like gold, lord
Pull me in, then let me go
Should've know the first time
You played with me like I was a devil
And I played with you like you were just a man
Wanna lay with you but I'm never better
From your God, these are the days

Take what you need, darling, I'm just here for you
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Give me your love and physical affection
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Give me the worst of you to hold
Didn't take me to the heavens
Give me the best of all the grace
Ooh, make life worth living
Ooh, make life worth living

Laurel released "Life worth Living" in march 2016 as one of her first songs since the release of the Holy Water EP.

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