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Laufey - Love Flew Away

Love flew away with
No room to land and
It made no mistake
With no legs to stand on
It grew its wings right in place
We said goodbye one last time
As love flew away

Looked in my eyes
We only blinked when we started to cry
Both barely dry
When we finally realized that
We should break the stare
And try not to care as
Love flew away
Maybe I’ll find you in some other life
We won’t be heartbroken half of the time
The ocean between us won’t be so grand
Tired after one more one night stand
But we really couldn’t stay
So we watched love fly away

Holding your hand
Still feels electric
I'd kiss you but I can't
We’re all out of breath
So we whisper among us
For the last time today
As our love flew away

We said goodbye
As love flew awayYou might also like

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