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Lancey Foux - No Intro

[Verse 1]
No introduction needed, I'm a genius
You know me, I stay G'd up
'Bout to go bigger than Meech
A-COLD-WALL* cardigan, fleece (Jay Trench)
I dress like I could have been Jesus
Walk with the thorns in my feet
Money gave me OCD
I stack up the racks, all neat
Your baby boy's biting, they teethin'
SMA gold, I'ma feed them
Step outta line, I beat them
'Cause you and your daddy not even
Yeah, I was just broke, this the millionaire flow
They wish they were me and I wish that they won't
Do with that shit, nigga, stand on your own
I'm on my own, I can't give a dog a bone, yeah
Where your racks like I stole them, bag up the dough, yeah
Demon mode, tryna sell me a soul, yeah
2019, getting rich for the whole year
We eating good, no more rice at home, yeah
I make her soak, yeah, I get her wet-wet
Top, dome, neck-neck, coupe-coupe, 'Vette, bet
Don't know 'bout that shoe spray, I still won't protect it
N.E.R.D, yeah, I roll with a Tech Deck
I love a third eye, I know where you at
Just left Dubai, Rolls-Royce, back at the back
Hop on the flight, flight attendant know who I am
And she not my wife, she wanna smoke, yeah, she wanna pipe
How can she slap?
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How can you slap?
How can she slap?
How can she slap?

[Verse 2]
Run up the racks, I ain't goin' back to the trap
Hop on the stage, immediately go Mich Jack
This terrorist ho tryna blow me like Iraq
Hopped on Earth, I wanna make more niggas, and my wife stay black
It is what it is and it was what is was, this is this, this is that
No, I can't go clueless, I'm in south like Ludacris
I sat down with Judas, you think I knew this?
Ride with a blue ting, causing a nuisance
All that talk, but you niggas just useless
I ain't going out sad, I ain't going out stupid
African gene, yeah, talk with a toothpick
Skin never going away, can't lose it
Verified in the streets, fuck a blue tick (Shit)
Count up the racks, make sure it's all there
Young black and rich, got the racists scared
When I cry, nigga, got blood for tears
Money died and I can't even think that I've failed
Food at the table, my niggas, we share
Fuck the charts, I'ma get a hit song this year
Big gelato, I don't drink beer
I don't wanna hear the word "sauce" in here
I ain't tryna fuck, she tryna force me here
I want the dome, yeah, hands on her horse weave hair

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