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Lady Gaga - Replay

Am I, am I, am I
Am I, am I, am I

[Verse 1]
Am I still alive? Where am I? I cry
Who was it that pulled the trigger, was it you or I?
I'm completely numb, why you acting dumb?
I won't blame myself 'cause we both know you were the one

I don't know what to do, you don't know what to say
The scars on my mind are on replay, r-replay
The monster inside you is torturing me
The scars on my mind are on replay, r-replay, eh-eh

Replay, r-replay, eh-eh
The scars on my mind are on replay, r-replay, eh-eh

[Verse 2]
Every single day, yeah, I dig a grave
Then I sit inside it, wondering if I'll behave
It's a game I play, and I hate to say
You're the worst thing and the best thing that's happened to me

In ‘Replay’, Lady Gaga brings back all her allegories of ‘Monster’. Both from the song ‘Monster’ off of The Fame Monster, but also from what she has always embodied Monsters as: her fans. ‘He ate my heart’ she laments in the 2009 track, ‘Am I still alive? The monster inside you is torturing me’ she continues on this new track, more than a decade later, going full circle on exploring how trauma has affected her life. The approach this time around can be see as a bit more different: more resigned, the dance-y melody in the background transports her and us and makes it feel like it’s ok. The music will get us through this, just dance, as a juxtaposition to the ‘Monster’ 2009 track where instead we could see a more scared, naive version of Gaga approaching trauma. On Gaga’s Spotify storyline she clarifies how she sees a trauma that plagued her as a driving force for being braver “But really Chromatica cannot exist without an abstract explanation of what it’s like to be triggered if you have PTSD.”

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